Hello everyone ,

This is a general pre-emptive announcement to inform our customers that as from Wednesday 7th of August Virtualslay will be adjusting all of our price margins to compensate for the financial climate that we are currently experiencing world-wide.
The current situation in Eastern Europe plus the record breaking rise in living costs in Spain has been impacting our business, the cost of our basic utilities and bills have in fact doubled over the past 6 months and we need to adjust our basic pricing to compensate for these lower profit margins.

The changes are the following:

· Babyhair Bestseller Bundles will be removed from our storefront.

· TSHD Sleek mesh will be priced at 40usd (before 35usd)

· Hair textures will be 6usd (before 5usd)

· TSHD Sleek & TSHD 2 frontals will be 12usd (before 10usd)

· TSHD 1 Frontals will be 10usd (before 8usd)

· TSHD Sleek Caps will be 18usd (before 15usd)

· DIY Kits will be 15usd (before 10usd)

· Hair slide meshes will be 15usd (before 10usd)

· Clothing helpers will be removed from sale price and return to 10usd.

· Lash Opacitys will be 10usd (before 6usd)

· Eye textures will be 12usd (before 10usd)

· All limited babyhair products will be going up 5usd.

· Products we have not mentioned will not change in price.

As you may appreciate, the price difference is not so drastic on most of our products, we only raised as little as we need to cover rising bills we are currently faced with and can only hope our customers will understand.

We are however proud to report that Virtualslay has maintained it's price range since our 2019 launch and although we cannot promise to maintain low prices, we hope to not have to do this again for a long time.

We like to believe our products are the most profitable of their kind on IMVU and will continue to do our very best to offer you the best for your dollar ♥

As before stated, these changes will take place during Wednesday 7th on all the mentioned above products in our storefront, however, new products launched before then will be launched with the new price-tag.

Much Love, MissMaya & TStone

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