Custom TSHD Sleek Watermark

Ever wanted an extra layer of customization and exclusivity? Virtualslay's babyhair mesher TStone offers custom 3D watermarking with your Avatar's name above our website's.

Our watermark is NOT removable by standard means and cannot be removed in IMVU create mode nor studio.

Price :

65usd + You must have purchased the original mesh beforehand.

Conditions :

- Customer must have a purchase of TSHD Sleek original mesh already on record for the IMVU catalog you wish to watermark.
- Price covers adding the avatar name to the watermark below (your name in place of Lovestory's!)
- This service is for established brands only, hence we don't make changes to the watermark if you get a name change. If you change your avatar name as a habit, this service is not for you.
- You may only use that mesh in the account of that name, you may not use in alt account's.

Licensing terms are exactly the same as the original mesh and the rules for such must be upheld at all times.

One you have made your request please be patient! There is a waiting list for custom watermarks, you will be given an estimated time-frame and where to send payment.

Until payment is sent, you will not be put on the list.

Once your order is complete, it will be sent to you via email in an order with three download links (just as always) ♥

You can request this service at ****

To request more information regarding this service you can ask here.

Example Finished Product: