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As per Virtualslays terms of use and user licensing, each purchase made is for one creator ID. (one catalog)

All purchases are automatically licensed to the catalog you provide when signing up for your VS account.

If a customer has more than one account, they may purchase another user license by making a new virtualslay profile for their alt account, with a new email address, and keep all purchases separate at all times.

If you wish to purchase "duplicate" licenses for another account, you may solicit a special one time discount for one alt account.

Alt discounts are:

·50% off for textures/opacitys/meshes

The code will apply a discount of 50% off of the original retail price for all products the customer has purchased, regardless of which price the customer paid for the products the first time the purchased them.

In order to apply for an alt discount, the customer must have completed a purchase of the products in question on a main account.

The customer must apply for a virtualslay account for the alt account.

With that information at hand, use the contact form at the bottom of the page to request an alt account discount.

Note that the discount code will expire within 7 days of being generated and may only be used once, whilst logged into the alt account's virtualslay profile. The code cannot be used "in parts"

Discount codes will not be generated for: bundles, gift-cards, exclusive, limited products or products that have been discontinued.

If the virtualslay is running a store-wide sale, the discount code will not be able to be applied until after the sale has ended.




Virtualslay disregards the reason/reasons that IMVU may have to terminate a creator's  privileges or catalog. Any action of punishment made by IMVU against a user of their platform is between IMVU and that user, as are any conversations between agents of IMVU and the user. Virtualslay denies any involvement or opinion regarding such.

If (for whatever reason) you lose creator privileges or access to the account that you purchased the files for, you may NOT use the purchased content on another account until you purchase a new license for that user ID.

All individual purchases are linked to one IMVU catalog, one catalog ID, as part of our records. You cannot change any license once it has been issued.

Customers who are disabled or cease to have a catalog for a period of over a week may find their Virtualslay profiles placed on hold. You will have to contact our support team to re-activate your profile before you are able to log-in.

We may issue you with a large discount voucher to purchase additional licenses for your new catalog and virtualslay account. (see "alternative accounts")

You may NOT use any files on any new account without having purchased a license for that account, if you do not purchase a license, you will be infringing our licensing policies, eventually you will be reported to IMVU as perpetuating copyright theft and will be putting your account at risk.

A user is considered in breach of license when they upload any of our material to an unlicensed IMVU catalog (thus generating a product ID) without having purchased the file for that creator ID. As soon as a product is uploaded, it is considered in violation of our terms of service and is subject to forceful removal via legal procedure. There will be no retraction of these procedures even if the customer later purchases a license for that account.

Identification of creator catalogs is carried out through Creator Identification Number (CID) which is unique for every user and creator on IMVU.

It should be noted, that if you change the avatar name of the account, it has no impact on the CID and will not protect a user from the consequences of a license breach.

Thank you.




It has been brought to our attention that catalog customers cannot find MissMaya products in newest items submitted to the catalog. This is due to the name "MissMaya" being constantly placed in product tags.

Although we do appreciate those that wish to give credit for the files purchased, the tagging is getting out of hand and is detrimental to customers attempting to shop MissMaya on IMVU and may end up damaging MissMaya's sales. Customers have complained.

Please refrain from using "MissMaya" in your product tags as from right now.


If the tagging continues it will ultimately have to be reported to IMVU... this may have unforseen consequences for those found to be abusing the tagging feature within their catalogs.


If your intentions were wholesome and you only wish to support us, that is greatly appreciated! In that case you can use the tag: VirtualSlay, which is perfectly acceptable, especially since MissMaya is not the only creator behind VirtualSlay, every mesh for sale on our website is created by TStone, and both are owners of the business.

Practice Ethical Creating!

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