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Product: HD_Op_Round_Earrings (Female).

Ref: HD_Op_Round_Earrings

Sample: Click

Must be derived from: Accessory Base

Author: TStone

Includes: Chkn files for easy upload (XMF/XSF/XRF) - UV Maps


· Your products must be derived from the base PID's stated above, for copyright purposes. The Chkn file will automatically derive from the permitted base. If you have a problem with this, please do not purchase. Deriving from any other empty derivable is an unnecessary risk and exposes the customer to a possible product take-down.

· Please do not rename the mesh files when uploading.

· Purchase is for one license, for one person, for use in one catalog ID. For alt accounts make a new virtualslay profile (new account) using a new email and always keep purchases SEPARATE.

· You may set your mesh to derivable only in ONE catalog.

· Please do not create complex derivation chains to other accounts. Your product must be visible as a direct derive from the base empty we provided. Please do not hide, derive, hide, etc. It makes it very hard to verify you as a legitimate customer.

· Sharing, distributing, duplicating or claiming authorship of any of the products from this website is absolutely prohibited.

· Copyright VirtualSlay, all rights reserved.