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Legacy TS Basic 2015
Legacy TS Basic 2015
Legacy TS Basic 2015
Legacy TS Basic 2015
Legacy TS Basic 2015

Legacy TS Basic 2015

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Product: Basic baby-hair mesh (Basic Cap)

Ref: TSbasic

Want to try a sample? Click here

For Mesh: Add-on to hairstyles on IMVU.

Author: TStone


· The 2015 Basic BBH Mesh.

 · MissMaya Opacity Pack 1 + 2 (Total 34 Opacity Variations)

· 512 x 256 pixel mapping.

· Full step by step BBH application tutorial.


· This mesh is legacy stock from our Sellfy store and we have added it here by popular demand.

· This product is discontinued. Meaning we no longer offer technical support nor do we make new opacitys for this babyhair mesh. If you wish for a more modern, smoother mesh with nape option, please shop here: Female BBH collection.

· This product was tested to fit most heads made in 2015/2016 (the date in which the mesh was last updated). Please try the sample if you want to test the coverage with newer heads.


· Extended license for old stock, you may use on alternate IMVU accounts that are registered to you.

· This vintage model is the ONLY baby-hair mesh available on our website that you may place as derivable within your catalog.

· Absolutely no reselling, sharing, unauthorized distribution or duplicating any of the products from this website.

· You may make opacitys for this baby-hair mesh and sell them to customers, however, your customers must purchase the mesh here, from us, you may NEVER provide our mesh in your transactions or resell the mesh nor opacitys.

· Copyright VirtualSlay, all rights reserved.

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