TSHD Sleek

Virtualslay sells the most used baby-hair mesh on IMVU. Loved by hair professionals from all over the globe.

We are expanding our current sleek add-on collection with some beautiful and versatile opacity accessories, that fit perfectly over your favorite baby-hair mesh. The highest quality pieces at super affordable prices.

Shop our new releases or grab some of our originals.


In August we started a brand new journey... we brought you new derivable hairstyles by TStone. This fall, get ready for a new array for versatile and trendy hairstyles, 100% compatible with Virtualslay TSHD Sleek babyhair's and accessories.

♥ Creator Love ♥


I was in the market for a full-cap baby-hair mesh, and what sold me to
this was how complete of a set it was! Not only do you get the mesh
itself, but also two ready-made opacity maps [...]

TS HD SLEEK 2020/2021

LOVE this pack! I've always been quite addicted to the Nutmeg color and
having access to put it on all my favorite styles is amazing! So many
stunning colors in subtle variants to match different mesh types!
MissMaya is always one step ahead! =)

LIMITED! MissMaya's Hair Textures

Very satisfied with everything that came with this. There is an easy
guide explaining how to use them. Also black hair textures + different
opacity maps. Very easy to figure out and use.
Would definitely recommend

TS HD SLEEK 2020/2021