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Do you accept credits as payment for the files you sell here?

No. We do not accept virtual currency in exchange for any of our files... Sorry!

Currently our store only accepts US dollar currency using pay-pal as a payment platform. In the future we may add more platforms for payment, but always in USD currency.

What payment methods do you take?

Currently we only accept Pay-Pal balance, credit-debit card and bank transfer in U.S Dollar Payment, through our payment provider, Pay-Pal.

What is the minimum order amount I can buy from Virtualslay?

Due to payment provider costs and profitability minimums, our minimum purchase amount is set at 6usd. This is before any tax (if applicable) and after any discounts.

I tried to buy two of the same product, one for me, one for my other account... it doesn't let me!

You may not purchase more than one copy of any item at virtualslay at one time, for purchase for alt. accounts you need to make a new profile using another email address and catalog details. One VS account per catalog ID. Please keep all purchases for different accounts SEPARATE at all times to avoid DMCA take-downs against unidentified catalogs.

Can I edit the files I buy from you?

You have full permission to edit all textures you buy from us, we encourage you to do so! Feel free to add your unique flare.

...So, if I edit them, may I sell them or give them to my friends?

Absolutely not. Reselling, sharing or distributing any part of the files you purchase here is forbidden, and will always be forbidden.

Anyone caught sharing or re-distributing will be instantly black-listed and loose all commercial license to use our files.

May I use the files I bought from a new alternate account I made?

If you want to use files on an alternate account you must buy permission to do so.

You must make a new VirtualSlay account and profile for your alternate account and repurchase the files. This way our records will show that the account has purchased a license legitimately. Never use any files on alt. accounts until you have purchased the right to do so.

I purchased files from your store but I haven't received a download link.

Not a problem! First of all you should check your spam/junk folder in your email.

Is your download email not there? Ok, next step.

Please ensure that your email address is not misspelled or incorrect in your profile. You can check this by logging into our website, going to your profile and clicking "edit" under "account details". If your email is incorrect, please rectify it.

After you have done this please use the contact button at the bottom of our website to let us know what happened. We must manually correct your profile in our records and make sure your files are sent to you.

Can I purchase files for a friend?

We NEVER allow purchasing files directly as gifts.

Files come with licenses, permissions and rules that must be followed. These are detailed in our product descriptions that are available to read before a customer makes a purchase. If you gift files, the person may never read these license descriptions and can end up breaking their license unknowingly, putting them at risk of a copyright infraction notice.

Every purchase made on Virtualslay is attached to a profile, each profile is for ONE catalog ID. Any files submitted to the IMVU catalog that does not have a profile will be subject to take-down.

Instead, you can purchase a gift card for another person to finance their own shopping spree! Click here


I don't understand this license for this product!

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask anything that you do not understand... preferably before you make any purchase.

I contacted you on IMVU/INSTAGRAM a few days ago, you didn't answer!

IMVU inbox is simply not a reliable way to contact us for business concerns, either is Instagram.

All VirtualSlay questions, concerns or post-purchase support, please use our contact form. We usually answer all messages within 48 business hours, if you contact us during a weekend or holiday, please allow an additional 48hs.

I want something that you don't have in your store... can you make it for me?

We are always open to suggestions on new files, feel free to suggest new additions to our collection. Contact us using the contact form.

Can you make me a custom file?..Just for me?

We do not currently take custom commissions at this time. But follow us on our Instagram! We make limited and exclusive files from time to time ... but they sell out fast!

Do you do sales?

We do offer limited time coupon codes occasionally on our Instagram and to our newsletter subscribers!

The coupon-code I have doesn't work!

First of all, check that there is not a store-wide sale currently active. On events such as Black-Friday, all codes are disabled and one automatic discount is applied to the whole store.

Please note;

All codes have an expiry date. Please make sure your code has not expired! Expiry dates are attached to the code, for example, in an Instagram caption.

Also, ensure that your cart and profile meets the conditions of the coupon code.

Example: 3 for 2 codes must have 3 items of the affected collection to be applicable. Some have a minimum amount required for the discount to be valid. Newsletter discounts are only valid for those subscribed to our email marketing list, etc.

If you meet the conditions and the code still does not allow you to apply the discount, please contact us so we may assist you.

Can I use more than one code in a purchase?

No, codes may only be used one at a time. You can test the code on your cart in checkout to see which one applies the best discount for your cart contents.

Do you charge VAT on your products?

We only charge VAT on purchases made in the E.U as required by law. If you are living in a country that is member of the E.U you will be charged a percentage of VAT that corresponds to your country, if that country collects VAT.

For customers residing outside of Europe, you will not be charged VAT on your purchases from us as long as the purchase takes place outside the European Union.

Do you issue refunds?

Due to the nature of digital downloads, we do not issue refunds under any circumstance. We have a full description of all products so please ensure you read all the information available before purchasing to avoid any confusion. We will not be held responsible for complaints that are related to not reading product information.

Saying that, If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please reach out to us.

I received an email saying my Virtualslay account was disabled!

Have you placed an order and not identified the IMVU account you will be submitting our files in? This is not allowed, you must provide us with an IMVU account ID to license the files.

We have disabled your virtualslay profile so you cannot purchase any more files until you have identified yourself.

Note that if you do not take steps to identify your account before you upload our stock, you face the risk of having a DMCA report filed against you.

So please help us protect you and our files by following the steps in the email to identify yourself. It only takes a few minutes.

If we identify you as having stolen content from us on IMVU, we will also put your account on hold.

We do not sell files to users that have been proven to steal content or assets on IMVU, these accounts will be blacklisted.

I cannot access my VirtualSlay account!

See the previous question... if this does not apply to you, continue reading.

Have you forgotten your password? If so follow the steps on the login page to recover your account with us.

If you created an account over 2 weeks ago and did not fill out your avatar name and URL, your account may have been deleted.

We do clean and review our customer base on a bi-weekly basis and all customer accounts that do not have an IMVU credential attached to their account (and have not completed a purchase) will be deleted.

These accounts can not be recovered, but you can simply make the account again using the same e.mail.


 Any further concerns? Contact us!




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