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BBH D.I.Y Kit V2

BBH D.I.Y Kit V2

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Product: HD Baby-Hair Opacity in PNG. Format.


Shop for Meshes: TS HD 1 or TS HD 2

Shop for Opacitys: TSHD1 Opacitys or TS HD 2 Opacitys

Artist: MissMaya

Includes:  10 (ten) PNG. baby-hair detail files in varied small sizes. (black and white flat .PNG) *See Image*


· These files are intended for creators that already own a baby-hair mesh and opacity.

· Slightly larger filesize than the V1 version

· These details are for adding and customizing baby-hair to the creator's taste, they are not a finished product and require basic texturing skills to apply to a baby-hair. If you cannot or do not know how to edit textures and opacitys on IMVU, please do not purchase. These files do NOT come with a tutorial. However they do come with a small visual aide on how to change your layer mode to "screen", this is so that the details will display without the black background while you are editing them to your template.

· These are detailed small files, add-on details work best with very high definition baby-hair meshes. End result will fully depend on the mesh and how the files are used. As such we only recommend use with TSHD1 and TSHD2.


· Purchase is for one license, for one person, for use in one catalog ID. Please do not forget to add your avatar and catalog link to your profile. If you wish to use in another catalog ID, you can do so by making a new account with us for your alternate account, and re-purchasing. Always keep purchases for different catalogs separate!

· You may edit the material to suit your personal needs.

· This item is NOT to be placed as derivable in your catalog. This will be considered unauthorized distribution and a breach of license. If you want derivables for your catalog please head to the "Meshes" tab of our website

· Absolutely no reselling, sharing, distribution or duplicating any of the products from this website.

· Baby-hair customized using DIY kits are NOT to be resold.

· For more details of our terms please visit and read our legal notice.

· Copyright VirtualSlay, all rights reserved.