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TS HD Fade
TS HD Fade

TS HD Fade

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Product: HD Male baby-hair / Fade mesh (360º + Separate crown for extra coverage)

Ref: TSHDFade

Want to try a sample? Kage Black by MissMaya

Author: TStone

Purchase Opacitys: TS HD Fade Opacitys


· Full mesh XMF.

· Full HD format 512 x 256 pixel mapping.

· Complementary opacity and texture set made by MissMaya. (Pictured)

· Full step by step babyhair application tutorial..

Also, we sell separate opacitys in our store made specifically for TS HD 2 customers. Click here.


· None at the moment


· This mesh is EXCLUSIVE to Virtualslay.com and has never been sold anywhere else and never will be.

· 360º Mapping .

· This product was tested to fit most KD heads made in 2018-2019 (the date in which the mesh was made). Please try the sample if you want to test the coverage with any particular head. It has been tested to work seamlessly with KD eyebrows.

· For best results, we encourage the use of KD eyebrows with our mesh. Some older eyebrow meshes are not compatible with most baby-hairs on IMVU as they cover way too much space on the avatar's face and tend to make both hairlines and makeup glitch.

· Although we intensively test our meshes before release, no mesh is fully compatible with every head on IMVU, exaggerated facial features may clip in some areas, but for the most, these issues are solved by using a less dense baby-hair opacity that does not cover those areas.

· This mesh is NOT compatible with opacitys made for female babyhair meshes nor with the opacitys that hair creators provide with their meshers.

· This is our first Male bbh Mesh. If you purchase it, feel free to send us some feedback, your opinion matters greatly. Likewise, if you need additional information regarding any product, either way you can contact us here.


· Purchase is for one license, for one person, for use in one catalog ID. The catalog ID is the one assigned to your virtualslay account. If you wish to use in another catalog ID, please purchase again for that user by making A new virtualslay account. Keep purchases separate.

· This item is NOT to be placed as derivable in your catalog. This will be considered unauthorized distribution and a breach of license. If you want derivables for your catalog please head to the "Meshes" tab of our website

· Absolutely no reselling, sharing, unauthorized distribution or duplicating any of the products from this website. Failure to comply will result in take-downs and legal action may ensue.

· Copyright VirtualSlay, all rights reserved.

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