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Hair-Clips V1 (Snap-Clips)
Hair-Clips V1 (Snap-Clips)
Hair-Clips V1 (Snap-Clips)
Hair-Clips V1 (Snap-Clips)
Hair-Clips V1 (Snap-Clips)
Hair-Clips V1 (Snap-Clips)
Hair-Clips V1 (Snap-Clips)
Hair-Clips V1 (Snap-Clips)

Hair-Clips V1 (Snap-Clips)

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Product: Hair-Clips V1

Want to try a sample?  Added to hair - Accessory

Author: TStone & MissMaya

Purchase TSHD Sleek baby-hair mesh: HERE



· The Accessory Version (mesh files)

Uses: Submitting a separate set of clips to add to your hairstyles, as an accessory. Made to wear with any sleek cap hair.

IMPORTANT: Accessory version must be derived from: (CLICK HERE)

· The Add-On Version (mesh files)

Uses: This adds the clips to a hairstyle before submitting it, so that they are included with the end hair product.

· Complementary Butterfly Textures.

· Full step by step tutorials for both versions.




· None yet!

Notes & Features

· Introducing baby-hair 3d accessories. Made with TSHD Sleek in mind. Add custom 3d bling to your baby-hair cap for that pop of realism and ultimate customization.

· This mesh is EXCLUSIVE to Virtualslay.com and has never been sold anywhere else and never will be.

· Features an opacity decoration that can be any shape, get creative. You can also remove individual clips with opacity.

· This product was tested to fit snugly on top of all of our modern baby-hair meshes  (TSHD1 - TSHD2 - TSHD Sleek) Will not fit on top of hairstyles with 3d hair on the scalp.

· Although we intensively test our meshes before release, our baby-hair accessories are ONLY made with VirtualSlay baby-hair in mind. We do not offer clips to fit other baby-hair meshes so please try a sample before you buy if you are not using the recommended baby-hair.

· The baby-hair in the pictures is for display purposes only and is not included in this product.


· Purchase is for one license, for one person, for use in one catalog ID. Upon signup, you register your catalog ID by providing it's details. If you wish to use in another catalog ID, please purchase again for that user by making A new virtualslay account, with another email and ALWAYS keep purchases SEPARATE.

· This item is NOT to be placed as derivable in your catalog, it has the same license as our baby-hair meshes. This will be considered unauthorized distribution and a breach of license and will result in copyright take-downs. If you want derivables for your catalog please head to the "Meshes" tab of our website.

· Absolutely no reselling, sharing, unauthorized distribution or duplicating any of the products/images/information from this website. Failure to comply will result in take-downs and legal action may ensue.

· Copyright VirtualSlay, all rights reserved.

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