Hair-Slides-Right-Side (Slide-Clips) V1
Hair-Slides-Right-Side (Slide-Clips) V1

Hair-Slides-Right-Side (Slide-Clips) V1

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Product: Hair-Slides (Right)

Want to try a sample?  Both right and left added to hair - Accessory

Author: TStone & MissMaya

Purchase TSHD Sleek baby-hair mesh: HERE


Includes Right Side Clips, in two versions:

· The Accessory Version (mesh files)

Uses: Submitting a separate set of clips to add to your hairstyles, as an accessory. Made to wear with any sleek cap hair.

IMPORTANT: Accessory version must be derived from: (CLICK HERE)

· The Add-On Version (mesh files)

Uses: This adds the clips to a hairstyle before submitting it, so that they are included with the end hair product.

· Complementary Set of Textures.

· Full step by step tutorials for both versions.




· None yet!


· Introducing baby-hair 3d accessories. Made with TSHD Sleek in mind. Add custom 3d bling to your baby-hair cap for that pop of realism and ultimate customization.

· This is the right side of the set, you can buy the left side HERE.

· This mesh is EXCLUSIVE to and has never been sold anywhere else and never will be.

· Features an opacity decoration that can be any shape, get creative. You can also remove individual clips and slides with opacity.

· This product was tested to fit snugly on top of all of our modern baby-hair meshes  (TSHD1 - TSHD2 - TSHD Sleek) Will not fit on top of hairstyles with 3d hair on the scalp.

· Although we intensively test our meshes before release, our baby-hair accessories are ONLY made with VirtualSlay baby-hair in mind. We do not offer clips to fit other baby-hair meshes so please try a sample before you buy if you are not using the recommended baby-hair.

· The baby-hair in the pictures is for display purposes only and is not included in this product.


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